Attending my first Women Economic Forum in The Hague, Netherlands

If you’ve been overwhelmed by disempowering, divisive or otherwise discouraging news, I’m about to introduce an positive alternative: Women Economic Forum.

Earlier this year, I traveled to the Women Economic Forum EU / Africa conference in The Netherlands and compiled into a video some of my fondest memories from this energizing and uplifting event.

I’d first learned about the Women Economic Forum when Alex Okoroji from Nigeria recommended me for membership in this global sisterhood based out of New Delhi, India. Comprised of female entrepreneurs, businesswomen, professionals, educators and innovators from around the world, the inclusive-minded organization is also open to men.

Women Economic Forum conferences are an outgrowth of the All Ladies League (ALL). A multi-national chamber of commerce, ALL helps women expand their networks across a wide and creative spectrum. It’s from naturally evolving friendships developed within these networking groups that women glean from, support and expand each other’s business and professional pursuits. According to current counts, ALL’s burgeoning ranks calculate 60,00+ members across 150+ countries and include over 500 chapters across the world.

My time at the Women Economic Forum in The Hague proved positively inspiring. I gained upfront and personal experience from this living model of “sisterhood” — starting with an open house dinner at a fellow panelist Ebere Akadiri’s Prince Street restaurant. Women from any strata or economic sector can become a member. Moreover, the criteria for membership is straightforward and wildly effective: recommended members must embody positive energy. 

ALL and the Women Economic Forum are the brainchild of Founder and Global Chairperson, Dr. Harbeen Arora. Harbeen’s endearing and joyful spirit, combined with a powerful vision for bringing professional women together from all walks of life, flows liberally and naturally among the ever-expanding membership. By eliminating the constraints of institutional bureaucracies and oppressive pecking orders, she’s created an atmosphere allowing for growth and goodwill in a uniquely, powerful way.

Devoid of negativity, Women Economic Forum’s spirit of inclusion, support and sisterhood is providing a living model for women to truly change the world.

As you watch the video below, get inspired to change your world from the inside out, too!


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