Inspired at the docks of Split, Croatia

Inspired at the docks of Split, Croatia


“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

~  Anonymous

If you’re like me, there’s an inner desire that calls you to a destination.

The destination needn’t be one that is found on a map, but it does need to be found in your heart.

While on the last leg of a recent trip through the Balkans, I found myself pausing around the docks of Split, Croatia. This ancient yet lively city, formerly part of the Roman Empire and home to Emperor Diocletian, provided a timeless backdrop for the age old yearnings of man’s soul.

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“The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.”

~ Anna Quindlen

Many of us arrive on earth and are soon looking for that elusive “something.” Some of us find ourselves pursuing shiny idols that quickly lose their luster. And so we look again. Others among us believe we’re at the mercy of life so we spend time worrying about the next disaster, disappointment or loss.

As I took notice of several seafaring vessels that arrived at port in Split that morning, I was reminded of something I’d once heard about rudders.

I invite you to listen carefully to the following podcast. It speaks about how very small rudders, unseen above the water’s surface, can tell us something about where our own life’s ship is headed.

If you’ve been disquieted about where your ship’s been headed in life, listen in.

May the following thoughts inspire, enlighten and empower you to living happier from the inside out — starting today!  

Click below to listen:

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