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To tell you that I’m the actual Creator of MIKE is a major exaggeration. My husband Jim Sweeney holds that title.

However, I serve as publisher of the MIKE sports comic book library.

An animated talking microphone who reports on sports, MIKE is destined to become the first ever animated brand in sports.

And, he got his start as narrator of a sports comic book series.

Though I’m not a big sports fan, I am a HUGE fan of MIKE and his books and sports blogs.

Publisher: Maura Sweeney

I absolutely love MIKE, and who wouldn’t? An adult character with the heart of a kid, MIKE’s wise to the world yet innocent in intention.

As Publisher of the www.theemike.com web site and the growing catalog of now 40 MIKE Sports Comic Books, I love the cleverly entertaining sports comics in each book as well as MIKE’s unique storytelling ability.

MIKE Sports Comic Book Series

Here are the four different series that we developed under the MIKE name:


MIKE Top 25 Series:

Top 25 Favorite Sports Comics

Top 25 Nicknames in Sports

Top 25 Sports Comics

Top 25 Best About Sports

Top 25 Worst About Sports







MIKE Favorites Series:

MLB Favorites

NFL Favorites

NBA Favorites

Hockey Favorites

NCAA Basketball Favorites






More MIKE Favorites:

Spiritual Sports Favorites

Favorite Female Athletes

Favorite Boxers

Favorite Big Things in Sports

Favorite Sports Quotes






MIKE FREE Sports Icons Series:

Boston Sports Icons

New York Sports Icons

Philadelphia Sports Icons

Chicago Sports Icons

Iconic Sports Venues