How Can I Get Happier in Life?

Have you asked yourself: “Why am I feeling so unhappy and is there anything I can do to change the way I feel?”

I have been there myself and it’s been a journey of many years, even decades. I’ve lived through the paralysis and carried some heavy baggage.

Unhappiness in life and the feelings of victimization that go with it can be daunting. It makes us feel isolated and afraid.

We may think no one understands us, no one cares about us, and no one will be there to protect us.

We may know the source of our feelings, or that source might be more elusive and impossible to name.

I spent nearly a half century working to exchange my own feelings of fear, rejection and personal “woodenness” for something higher, brighter and happier.

Most often, I did so alone. And I literally “practiced” along the way, through various trials, temptations and transitions. In the process, I discovered that happiness is an inside job as well as a choice — often one we must learn to make repeatedly until it literally becomes what we are. Happiness doesn’t depend on our outer circumstances, but on an inner state of mind.

Why I Do What I Do Today

My hope is that something of my experiences, and the steps I’ve taken during my personal transformation, will help others discover how to move from fear to love a lot more quickly.

I am familiar with pain, but I’m also familiar with love and truth. I have always believed that love and truth are worth living for — and worth the journey it takes to attain them. 

It took me years to remove the emotional baggage I knew I was under while growing up. Much of it was generationally acquired, but some was spiritually passed down. I had an awareness of it, but lacked specific words to frame it into specifics.

All I knew was that I wanted “out” of the un-living cave in which I had been dwelling.

At age 19, I remember deciding, “I don’t want to accept any offer — or engage in any new relationship — that will add to my already acquired personal weights and emotional baggage. My job now is to off-load and free myself — even if it means taking tiny steps and moving forward in the smallest of increments.”

That’s pretty much the path I pioneered.

I was on a mission. I was heading toward the light, toward love, toward freedom and toward peace. Each step worked like a new, and often repeated, lesson. The outcome was a transformed mind that now reflects in my outer life as well.

Maura Sweeney in Foundations of Happiness

My name is Maura Sweeney. In addition to carrying the trademarked title Ambassador of Happiness, I’m known as “Maura4u.” My husband came up with the moniker years ago while musing, “Wow, Maura, I’ve never met anyone who is such an advocate for other people — even those who are difficult to like. Call your website Maura4u to remind people that you are for them.”

Through videos, books, blogs, podcasts, media interviews, public speaking, consulting and even an ecourse, I take the deep and sometimes long endured lessons I walked through to help others see things anew in their own life. I want everyone to see and be their highest, happiest and most authentic self.

As a unifier and uplifter, I seek to share elements from the universal heart, soul and mind. Through reflective questions and anecdotal stories, I help  others reignite their own inner light and forge ahead with a brighter and more hopeful perspective.

I was born for what I do today and I invite you to join me here at this site.

Find books you can read.

View over 200 videos you can watch.

Check out a library of blogs you can peruse.

Listen and subscribe to podcasts to reframe your thought life and your future.

Take an encourse to help you master a sense of personal leadership, happiness and authenticity.

One more note. The first blog I ever wrote was entitled Tombstones. It seems at first glance a very odd thing for an Ambassador of Happiness to scribe. But I’m left handed and always had a knack for viewing the end of a story first. If we want to know where we’re going, we need to start at the end. It gives us strong insight and helps us chart an inward path to our higher self and our more noble aspirations in life.

My aim is to work like a hidden ribbon of the universal heart, connecting the parts of our souls to the good available for all of us to experience right now.

You Can Grow Out of Fear and Victimhood & Into Happiness, Too

Age 4

Age 12

                                             Age 17

Age 58

You Can Grow Into Love

Regardless of your background or experience, you can become a beautiful soul. And you, too, can do it by transforming from the inside out.

Allow me to assist you on the journey.

Welcome to my Maura4u site.

Join me on the path to love, and discover the beautiful gift you were meant to be — to yourself and to the world around you, too.

Feel free to comment or write me directly. 

Maura is an International Speaker on Self Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

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