I’ve waited over fifty years for this moment.  Finally, it’s my turn to hold court. 

Yes, I’d long ago envisioned myself a foreign diplomat to Latin America. I’d be utilizing my beloved second tongue, attending august functions and carrying a document-laden briefcase filled with new treaties. I’d attend important meetings, dine at state functions, and bring North American ideas and ideals to our Spanish-speaking neighbors to the South.

Unfortunately,   the State Department hasn’t seen fit to tap me on the shoulder, the Obama Administration hasn’t called me for an appointment, and I haven’t the inclination to play party crasher to any White House events. (Truth be told, I never applied to the State Department, bare no political label and would really hate having to wear those boring navy suits again.)  At this point in my life, I’m far more inclined to attend the gala in my own fashions, speak  for myself rather than an institution, and make my mark trading pithy comments with world leaders over dinner. (Besides, my Latin dance moves might not jive with official State protocol.) 

That said, it’s now time for me to advance my own words with my own version of Foreign Policy.

While I’m at it, I’m appointing myself Ambassador to the World – unfettered by any term limitations.   

Welcome to my Salon – so glad you could come!

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