Maura Sweeney in Budapest Hungary “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”  

 ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Chapter Break Angel

Thoughts can become solidified in our mind!

Walking beyond Hero’s Square in Budapest a few months ago, I was struck by a public memorial.

The quasi monument grabbed my attention and quickly prompted my imagination into gear. Constructed of industrial metal, it featured a clump of uninviting columns that seemingly emerged from the pedestrian walkway below. 

Hardly a work of art, it looked as cold to the eye as the bitter weather felt against my skin. 

The rusty metal columns carried no aesthetic appeal. Possibly products of the communist era, they could have been parts of a previously demolished office building. Only steps away from the city’s traditional architecture, the construct posed a stark contrast to the Austro-Hungarian empire’s displays of beauty, refinement and centuries-old permanence.    

There was no tour guide to explain the meaning of the structure and I couldn’t interpret the local sign, but it didn’t matter. I’d formed my own message. 

Eyeing the Constructs in our Head

Chapter Break Angel

To my eye, the public memorial proved a testament to the constructs of our mind. 

The monument served as a powerful, material structure representing what we do to ourselves. As we repeatedly take in thoughts promoting fear, bias, prejudice or any other negatively inspired imagery, we construct ideas that gain a foothold in our head. Once solidified and reinforced, they become our mind’s reality.

Just as our imagination gets filled with dark, lifeless or even foreboding imagery, these columns, clumped together, did the same. They nearly obstructed an otherwise open view of a pleasing public park. 

We would consider it natural for our minds to be free and to see from the vantage point of a wide open vista. We could reason from, and respond to, our outer world with proper perspective. But when we have allowed certain constructs to be erected in our thought life, they do just the opposite: they obscure our mind. 

The structure in Budapest that day was so significant in both its appearance and feel, it begged me to ask the question in an on-site video: What are the constructs of your mind?

As you watch, may you survey ideas you’ve erected in your own head. If you’ve planted any columns of thought that have been impeding your vision or stifling your intellectual and emotional freedom, maybe it’s time to start uprooting them!

May you regain the broad and happy insights that have been yours all along!


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