Maura Sweeney Podcast Cover“Grief is in two parts. The first is loss. The second is the remaking of life.”

~ Anne Roiphe

It would be great if every gift we received was a welcome one.

Unfortunately, not every “gift” arrives bearing happy sentiments and a reason to celebrate.

At times, we all encounter life-altering situations. They may show up as an illness, the loss of a job, an unexpected divorce or any one of a number of uncomfortable and even gut-wrenching scenarios.

This latest podcast is not designed as a downer. To the contrary, I’m utilizing it as an opportunity to give thanks during the Thanksgiving holidays. We can all find reasons to be thankful for the obvious: a loving relationship, the warmth of a home, the companionship of a beloved pet, the arrival of a new child.

But when holidays arrive and we are hard-pressed to find joy, a podcast like the following may be just what you need in the moment. May this one help you anticipate some unexpected “gifts” from the curve balls that would otherwise daunt your spirit.

What might such gifts look like? 

Consider gain in the midst of loss, increase following diminution, advancement in the process of setback and growth in the process of decrease.

The above statement above reads like a series of contradictions. But with a willingness to brave through uncomfortable and sometimes gut-wrenching life encounters, we can emerge with unexpected gains that might never have received through more common channels.

In the following podcast, I share a personal story of how grief arrived and ultimately brought me gain. Forcing me to face my fears and examine elements of my life that I preferred to ignore, I ultimatly grew in self-knowledge as well as a greater understanding of others.

This Thanksgiving season, you might be facing some of your own fears. You might be presented with a gift you, too, would rather exchange for a better one.

May the following podcast, entitled Thanksgiving for Gifts in Disguise, lift your spirits and help you see yourself through a more hopeful lens.

Your current situation might not immediately change, but the expectation of a brighter, happier and more peaceful you may begin to emerge.

Sending you my wishes for a season of thankfulness as you listen below.


Maura Sweeney in Ulcinj MontenegroMaura Sweeney is an International Speaker on Influence, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

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