Sitting before a backdrop painting at the New York Public Library

Sitting before one of the New York Public Library’s heady backdrops

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.

~ Buddha

What does the mural or backdrop of your thought life look like?

Buddha says we are shaped by our thoughts — and truly we are!

Taking time to be reflective and a bit mindful can help you find out what the backdrop or mural of your mind looks like.

You may be surprised to learn how ideas formed in the backdrop of our mind shape our outlook, define our perspectives and determine our experiences in life. Backdrops filled with hope and positive expectation empower us to explore, grow and pioneer new horizons.  

On the other hand, backdrops of fear or intimidation produce the opposite effect. When we carry negative ideas in the theater of our mind, we often hesitate, retreat or even give up on our hopes, dreams and aspirations.

In the following podcast What Are You Thinking About? I take up the subject of mental backdrops. In it, I share personal accounts of how certain disempowering — and unwitting — backdrops formed in both my life as well as my husband’s.

Listen here to the podcast or click the icon below to hear our stories. More importantly, learn how observing, discovering and altering the mural of your own mind can go a long way toward fueling your personal happiness and well-being!  

Maura Sweeney Podcast Cover

For more inspiration to feed your mind and empower your soul, check out the following video. This video was filmed at the New York Public Library, the same venue where the photo above features a dramatic backdrop behind me. Learn fun facts about the library’s colorful and iconic past and open yourself to exploring some uncharted vistas.

A new idea might be in front of your nose, just waiting to change the backdrop of your mind — and your life!

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    Hi Maura,
    Thank you for your visit to my site this weekend and your kind words about my article.
    In response to your post: I teach Buddhism and the concept of karma even for the Muslims. Thanks for the reminder that there are commonalities between eastern and western philosophies.

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