A Transformative Keynote Speaker

Uplifting, inspiring and empowering your business network, university or special interest group, Maura Sweeney has addressed crowds in more than 15 countries. Maura specializes in speaking on the following topics:

* Self Leadership, Happiness & Authenticity

* L.E.A.D. – A Personal Formula for Sustainable & Successful Leaders

* Becoming a Leader — With or Without a Title

* Exiting Your Comfort Zone

* Travel for Adventure, Learning and Personal Growth

Maura Sweeney speaks to Summit of 100 Young Leaders in Belgrade, Serbia

“Maura’s energetically friendly personality challenges her audience to view the world from different perspectives to resist the natural temptation to introduce biases and preconceptions to a problem or even a welcome event.

Maura combines compassion with good-humored provocation to achieve that most desirable of outcomes: critical thinking. The best thing is that her presentation, adapted to her audience, is applicable to young and old, professional or non-professional. You leave the room feeling better about yourself, but also challenged and fulfilled.”

~ Walter Andrusyszyn – Former diplomat and now Director, Program in National Intelligence, University of South Florida

“Maura Sweeney made an indelible impression on me.  Maura finds ways to connect with people, to inspire and empower them to achieve greatness.  Her story resonates with individuals who may need help finding their path to happiness.  She is a true pleasure and a powerhouse, and that is why so many organizations hire her to speak.  She helps people live a happy life from the inside out, which transforms them into more productive and engaged workers.”

~ Diane Hamilton, Ph.D. –  Speaker, Author, and Radio Show Host at Dr. Diane Hamilton LLC

“Maura Sweeney has an amazing gift of zeroing in on just what you are good at, then encouraging you and inspiring you to live your best life. She asks great questions that penetrate into who you really are, and she helps you define and create the branding message you need to be a success. Maura makes a great guest emcee at meetings, and a wonderful presenter for university, business and women’s groups. I highly recommend Maura to those looking for a great speaker.”

Dan Sherman, McGraw Hill Author of Maximum Success with LinkedIn – Recognized Worldwide as the Ultimate Guidebook to LinkedIn

“Maura offered valuable insight to the millennial community on This Weird Thing Called Life Podcast! Maura brought humor, energy, and original thought to our podcast. You will not regret having her as a guest speaker or just having a chat with her. Hope to speak with you in the future Maura!”
“Maura was an amazing guest to have on my podcast, Natural Born Coaches! She is a ball of energy and our time together flew by quickly. She gave lots of great value for my audience and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her to other podcasters.

Book this woman on your show!”

~ Marc Mawhinney – Host, Natural Born Coaches

“I heard Maura speak at a luncheon of professional women and she was uplifting and joyful. Everyone in attendance was on the edge of their seats and waiting for more.

She’s interesting, passionate and entertaining. Her energy is infectious. I look forward to hearing Maura speak again. The positivity that she radiates can benefit anyone.”

~ Debora A. Diaz, Esquire, Owner – Debora A. Diaz, PLLC

“As a radio show host, I have the opportunity to interview many people with diverse backgrounds discussing some thought provoking topics.  Having Maura on my show was one of my highlights. Imagine going from a path to being an attorney and making a sharp turn to becoming a sought after journalist, consultant and publisher. 

Maura shared her views on working with what we have while being happy from the inside out.  Her tips and strategies were not just nuggets, they were golden.”

~ Judy Hoberman – President, Selling In A Skirt

“While attending the Summit of 100 Young Leaders in Belgrade, Serbia, I witnessed Podcaster and International Speaker Maura Sweeney deliver a refreshing and empowering message for enterprising leaders of tomorrow. Conferences and universities need to book this talented, powerful and inspiring speaker.”

~ George Meyers, President of The Meyers Group

“On 23 November 2015 the Ivanov School of Leaders Alumni Association organized a Seminar on Leadership in cooperation with Ms. Maura Sweeney, a columnist for Huffington Post. The topics covered during the seminar were Leadership and Influence, Personal Branding and Exiting Comfort Zones. We were impressed by the innovative ideas, the open and sincere approach and the methods of presentation displayed by Ms. Sweeney. She exhibited profound understanding of the new types of leadership based on inclusive, collaborative approaches which are essential for achieving substantial positive changes in our societies and for addressing the global challenges in the areas of economic development and human rights.”

~ Aleksandar Zafiroski, President of the Ivanov School of Leaders Alumni Association in Skopje, Macedonia

“Maura Sweeney is character of class and integrity. She’s also a warrior. She can break down complex situations with poise and professionalism while identifying equitable solutions. Patient on the outside, determined on the inside. Customers trust her. Employees respect her. Her energy and passion is contagious.”

Ben Marini, VP, Cogua Software

“Maura is a multifaceted and brilliant woman who understands the challenges of creating and bringing new inventions to market. Maura sees many aspects of life most of us miss. . . a life long learner, always exploring and researching. . . helping you think for yourself and prompting you to focus on the things that are really important to you.”

~ Joanne Weiland, Founder and COO, LinktoExpert

“Maura Sweeney is a standout talent. She takes years of experience and weaves them into story-telling that captures the audience, with wit, humor and practical examples that the audience will remember after the event. An asset to any team, Ms. Sweeney’s presentations are infectious.

Bobbi Cullinan, Sr. Administrative Services Specialist, St. Petersburg College in St. Petersburg, FL

“My deepest gratitude to Maura Sweeney for her outstanding presentation in Kosovo. We invite many experts in different fields, including professional speakers and successful entrepreneurs; however, few have brought the enthusiasm, positive energy, kindness and generosity that Mrs. Sweeney did.

Maura has changed the way our members thought about public speaking and leadership. We look forward future collaborations.”

~ Veli Hoti – IP Attorney & President of International Leadership Club, Prishtina, Kosovo

Interested in hiring Maura to speak?

Maura Sweeney accepts speaking requests internationally. In your outreach, please include the name of the event and its organizers, date, time, location, and special requests.