Well, it’s official – even if a bit imperfect and quite painful in its initial version.

Maura4u has posted her very first video en espanol.

On a whim, I asked my husband to train the camera on me during a visit to Centro Ybor in Tampa, Florida’s historic Latin district earlier this week.  Filming from the beautiful grand hallway of the historic Social Club, its center hall marked by white marbled stairs and offset by rich mahogany bannisters and a stunning plaster ceiling embellished by red-and-gold hanging antique lamps, I just couldn’t resist. So caught up in the lively spirit of what this century-old locale had brought to the area (Cubans, Spaniards, Italians, Sicilians, Germans and more) in a multicultured – yet certifiably Latin – environment, I just had to add my voice (in Spanish) to its history.

After recording in English, my husband turned the camera on me a second time and I began to speak.  Stumble is a more appropriate term.

While my heart was certainly present in the moment, my brain was yet to catch up!  

Spanish words and phrases came bubbling forth, but so did the perplexed expression that fought wildly for simple words like, “eat” and “play”.  In addition,   recent studies in Italian fought for their own place and simple pronunciations became immediately garbled and suspect.  

Watching myself on film, I want to help the desperate woman out there groping for her next word, assist her arrested tongue and rusty mind in conjugating verbs and deciding in the moment whether to use the formal Ud., the familiar tu, or even the plural version of Uds. and vosotros while addressing her intended audience.

An earnest attempt, certainly, but nowhere near ready for anybody’s Prime Time viewing!

Well, it’s done.  Posted.  Out there now for the world to view.  Chalk it up to just one more of my many – yet obviously willing – embarrassments to which I’ve exposed myself over the years. I’ve survived so many previous ones, what’s one more? Especially if it brings me joy.

I plan on doing better in the future. 

Much better, in fact. 

I LOVE Spanish. 

I LOVE the Latin Culture!

Could have been born a Latina!

Taunts, jeers and grammatical corrections aside, my enduring heart for the Spanish language, culture and people was worth the risk. 

I’ll be  putting myself Out There once again so today’s stumbles can ultimately take me on a marathon run.

So . . . what’s in this 4u? Spanish may not be your gig, but you’ve got something within that you, too, adore.

May YOU consider lurching and launching out on your own in those things you love  but are not quite prepared for prime time.

Even if the rest of the world makes fun of you, I’ll be there 4u the other side. . . . cheering you on and shouting, “Go for it and have a blast!”

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