Image courtesy Wikimedia

Image courtesy Wikimedia

As American celebrates another Memorial Day weekend, I was reminded of the positive value our military memories can have upon us today.

Depending upon the way in which we remember, we can look back in loss or use those memories to inspire present day gain and the expectation of brighter tomorrows.

A few years ago, I stepped aboard the U.S.S. Victory. One of only four operational World War II ships in the United States, it serves as a national landmark and museum in Tampa Bay, Florida.

The visit served as a present day portal to America’s military past. It also provided me with thoughts about turning memories — even those less pleasant ones — into positive and powerful life lessons for us all.

Each of us has the capacity to take our past and use it for a higher good.

Join me aboard the U.S.S. Victory Ship as you watch the following video.

As you do,  be thinking of how you preserve your own memories and the ways you can use them for good things in your life, too!

Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day every day of the year. 

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