“Your inner voice is the voice of divinity. To hear it, we need to be in solitude, even in crowded places.”
  ~ A.R. Rahman
There’s a lot of news today about weapons that harm, but little to nothing about weapons that heal. This is a post dedicated to inner work and personal healing.
If you’ve been responding to outer voices and external signals that tell you what to think, what to say and how to react, you are hardly alone.
If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve spent considerable time listening to outside experts and following general norms without much reflection. As a result, you’re likely agitated and confused.
Surprisingly, we often reach physical and even intellectual maturity, yet continue to take the advice and perspective of others we presume to be “in the know.” These may be Hollywood stars, popularized newscasters or talking heads with venerated resumes. Surrendering to others’ viewpoints without consulting privately with ourselves, we allow others to superimpose thoughts that might not agree with our own.
As a result, we spend years disconnected from our soul. While out of harmony with our own desires and intentions, we wonder why we feel so anxious, vulnerable, even afraid.
If we are to become self-possessed individuals, we must occasionally give pause to our private thoughts and world. That includes consulting with our inner core, our inherent wisdom and what some refer to as the Holy Spirit.
In many places around the world today, people are experiencing heightened anxieties. They are actively searching for external enemies in an effort to regain a sense of safety, order and equilibrium.
But what if the source of some of our anxieties and angst is found within us, rather than without? What if we are searching for an enemy, and discover that the enemy is within us?

Your Most Powerful Weapon

While much of America is battling over the right to bear arms and national focus is placed on physical weapons as the cause of our concerns, I’m proffering a different approach. 

Anyone struggling with anxiety and a lack of peace will find something to reflect upon in my latest podcast. It’s entitled Your Most Powerful Weapon and it considers the matter of forgiveness. 

Employing Forgiveness

While the antidote to quenching much of our fear, anxiety and even personal enslavement can be relatively simple, employing forgiveness is not always easy. And that’s because we must venture into some of our most hidden recesses and openly review some of our deepest, personal decisions.

If you dare, I invite you to discover and implement your most powerful weapon for stepping into personal peace. As always, I’ll have a personal story to share as well as a call to action. Discover when I first learned of this peace-driving weapon and chose to employ it in my own life. Doing so was just the beginning of a long and ongoing process that has brought me major benefits, not the least of which has been a sense of personal rest and well-being.

To learn more, click here for Podcast 132: Your Most Powerful Weapon.


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