“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”  ~ Seneca

Are you waiting on elusive luck or preparing your own success?

A familiar quote from the ancient Roman philosopher Seneca provides inspiration for my latest podcast: Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Many of us have heard the quote, but how often have we taken its wisdom to heart? Moreover, how few of us have decided to apply ourselves to the process Seneca suggests?

When contemplating notions of personal success, we can easily feel daunted. We may have a grand dream, possess a hidden desire or even claim a concrete goal. However, we can feel overwhelmed about what’s required to arrive at our intended destination. We contemplate the great divide between what we want and where we currently stand in life. As a result, we surrender to external forces and focus on barriers, real as well as imagined.

Unfortunately, living on the hope of luck alone steals our sense of happiness. We feel dis-empowered and dis-spirited.

Those who have been following my posts, reading my books or listening to me speak know that I focus on our state of mind. I am an “inside – out” person who understands that what we continuously believe and practice, starting from within, ultimately forms the basis of our life experience. With a lifetime of personal experience that continues today, I focus on ways to help others change their state of mind and change their outcomes. I truly want to help others transform their thought life and create happier, more fulfilled lives — from the inside out.

In this latest podcast, I share three stories that tie into the notion of preparing for success. I also offer information on how to receive a free book to further inspire and empower my readers to live happier from the inside out.

Check out podcast 128 entitled Preparing for Success by clicking on the link below. May it inspire you from within to start planning for your own version of success. 

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