“If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

~ Dale Carnegie

When people encounter me these days, they assume I’ve never been daunted by fear.
They couldn’t be more mistaken!
Much of my life was consumed by fear and, in many ways, I wore fear like the plague. When delivering visual lectures, I like to show a few old photos from my past. This way, others in the audience cannot just see, but also feel and relate, to the limiting, isolating and even paralyzing role that fear can play in our lives.
Fear is a commonly experienced, life-draining foe to mankind. It’s the opposite of love and presents a major block to our happiness and peace of mind.  
I often laugh about life’s ironies, occasionally quipping how I went through life “without any novocain.” Anyone who relates to a buzzing dentist drill boring into an open cavity knows exactly what I mean. It is not easy feeling the heightened, and often horrifying, emotions that accompany our fears. Those emotions show up everywhere, causing us to attack others or run for cover to protect our vulnerable sense of self.
For most of us, running for cover means medicating ourselves. We engage in habits or activities that mask the pain, while causing the original sources of our fears to stick around.
As hard as it’s been to face my own fears, I thought more about getting through them than I did about repeating them! Somehow, I believed that if I avoided my fears, they would return again in slightly revamped scenarios.
At times, I felt brave and took major steps in confronting my fears. At other times, and more far more frequently, I’d take the smallest of baby steps to move forward.
In each case, I reminded myself that these fears would eventually have to pass away — even as I passed through them.
While I still encounter anxieties, much of my former emotional self has slowly, yet progressively, passed away.
I’ve stepped through the dim clouds of darkness and emerged into a sunnier, brighter day.  

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