Maura Sweeney podcast Living Happy Inside Out

What are you doing with bad examples? 

We’ve all experienced at least one bad example in life.

These poor examples can show up as parents, teachers, bosses or other personalities we might have otherwise hoped to emulate. Their negative effects often remain with us, sometimes long after those relationships have expired!

In this podcast, I share two bad examples from my own life and discuss how the difficulties I experienced were ultimately used for good.

We’ll examine why certain people we’ve expected better from flounder in their own frailties. And we’ll also consider how to become beneficiaries of things we’ve learned from the errors of others.

If you have struggled with bad examples in life or ever felt like a victim, this is an empowering and thought-provoking podcast. Expect it to help you move forward in life as you change your perceptions, create new intentions and make a choice for inner happiness.

Then, listen in to Frederic Bye from Montreal, Canada as he shares what makes him happy from the inside out, too.

Click here for Podcast 099 Can You Learn from Bad Examples, or listen below along the audio bar.

Start living with more power and happiness as you turn your bad examples into something good! 

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