Be-YOU-tifulHave you been hiding your own beauty?

Beauty is more than skin deep and it can manifest itself in limitless ways.

Whether you realize it or not, beauty is waiting to be discovered in you!

We often limit our ideas on this topic, defining beauty into narrow categories that restrict our awareness of it and obscure its wide spectrum of possibilities. However, the deeper and more esoteric definitions of the word far exceed our imagination. In fact, these broader definitions beg us to disclose beauty in new forms and modes of expression.

Join me in this podcast as we take a look at the fuller definitions of beauty. You’ll be inspired to broaden your notions on the subject and stop perceiving it — and yourself — through the limiting lens of your traditional five senses.

Come away with an increased sense of self-appreciation and the expectation of what’s yet to be manifested of true and lasting beauty — in and through you!

If you’re on a path to happiness from within, you’ll find this to be an empowering podcast. As you consider its implications, you’ll also discover how disclosing your own beauty will help improve and inspire the lives of those around you.

Listen here to Podcast 098: Have You Discovered the Beauty of You? 

Then, listen to fellow podcaster Jody Flynn as she shares what makes her happy from the inside out, too.


Maura Sweeney in Foundations of Happiness

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