Maura Sweeney podcast Living Happy Inside Out

Have you been giving away your power?

Perhaps it’s time to start investing your energies where they matter to you!

In a world often caught up in the 24/7 news cycle that draws us into anger, polarity, defensiveness and aggression, we can unknowingly allow our own batteries to drain. The power of our inner light, creativity and happiness depletes as we give it away to these lower energies.

But we can also turn the tide and refuel ourselves by changing our focus. Specifically, we can choose to invest our energies in vital, uplifting and productive pursuits that re-energize ourselves and those around us.

In this podcast, we explore how you can become a regenerating source.

Rather than continually draining yourself with negative news presented by others, consider creating some positive experiences of your own. If you’ve needed some good news and a recharge to your spirit, today’s podcast will provide you with a transformative and life-affirming message.

You can be a source to create your own happiness – from the inside out!

Then, listen as Christy James, a professor at Liberty University, shares what makes her happy from the inside out, too.

Click here or listen on the bar below to Podcast 096: What Are You Giving Your Power To?

Maura Sweeney in Foundations of Happiness

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