Winnie the Pooh Quote and Maura Sweeney inspirationEver ask yourself the question: Can I do this?

We don’t have to be a child to feel warmed, encouraged and empowered by the above words. Taken from from A.A. Milne’s adventures of Winnie the Pooh, the adage recalls wisdom imparted to the young Christopher Robin from his trustworthy and devoted teddy bear friend Pooh.

The familiar quote offers strengthening advice for a young boy who would one day become a man. But for many of us who remember hearing these words as children, the message still echoes like pearls of hope and expectation today.

We might be eight, eighty or somewhere in between. But at one time or another, we all face the same daunting question, “Can I do this?”

The question arises when we consider our hopes, aspirations or visions for the future and doubt our ability to achieve them.

“Can I do this?” is sometimes vocalized, but more frequently internalized.

The enormity of the question can sometimes haunt us from within. It reaches to the depths of our sense of self. We measure what’s required of us for success against the limited courage, strength and smarts we believe we possess.

This week’s podcast speaks to that very question that recently arose as I observed a group of young adults. They were aspiring to heights that exceeded their previous life experience but knew that their hopes and expectations would force them to step up — and into — bigger realms of the unknown.

If you’ve ever doubted yourself and wondered if there’s a braver, stronger and smarter you waiting to be revealed, I hope you listen in to Podcast 095: Can I Do This?


Maura Sweeney in Foundations of Happiness

Wishing you the happy fulfillment of your life’s innermost quest!

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