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“The basic quality that any great story must have is a story that illustrates the human condition.”

~ William Shatner

In a divisive world comprised of “us” and “them” there exists a common denominator called the human condition.

We might have grown up in different eras. We may hail from various countries, cultures or religions and find thousands of ways to view ourselves as separate from everyone else.

However, what we cannot do is dismiss our shared experience as part of the human condition. None of us can say we’ve never felt hurt, rejected, marginalized or vulnerable. Neither can we overlook the fact that we’ve each hoped for a better, happier, safer and more fulfilled life experience.

That’s where I come in.

It’s from that perspective that I blog, podcast and speak to other people wherever and whenever given the opportunity. I see the unifying glue that makes us alike. I also believe that, when properly harnessed, such unifying elements just might make us better individuals heralding a higher level society.

Most people are taught to fear “the other”, to find fault rather than something of merit.

We spend years missing out on what can be gleaned from discovering higher order ideals that can bind us together. As a result, we fail to explore the possibility that, within us all, lies the answer to a greater form of well being in this world.

Why do I do what I do as “Maura4u”?

I do what I do because I know there is a superior world to be experienced — if we would allow ourselves to see through a common lens. I do what I do because I can’t get away from the knowing I had within me before the world taught me otherwise.

I’ve written quite a bit and published nearly 100 podcast episodes. In this latest one, you will discover something about my background and learn anew Why I Am You. 

I hope you listen in and then subscribe to me for more inspiration.

In the end, there’s just one person who can help change this world for the better: YOU! 

Maura Sweeney in Foundations of Happiness

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