It’s amazing what happens when you pose a question to the world. 

The world responds with an answer or, in my case, plenty of answers.

I started the Happiness Poll a few months ago. It was to complement the launch of my own ebook series The Art of Happiness. My goal was to hear what people other than me had to say about the subject.

The simple survey asks participants to define what happiness is in 25 words or less. Initiated without much fanfare, my Happiness Poll appears daily to be growing legs.  Some respond to the call through my Facebook page and blogs while other responses arrive through circuitous routes, the result of  friends circulating the question to others in their orbit.

In a world frequently defined by what’s wrong, who’s wrong or where’s the next place a wrong will be committed, it’s refreshing to find women  prepared to answer the question, “What is Happiness for you?”

So far, I’ve heard from women in 18 states including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.  

Some respondents to the Happiness Poll claim to already be there, experiencing a personal state of happiness right now. Other respondents are aspiring: they envision a future happy state of existence, but their private road hasn’t yet arrived at its anticipated and hoped-for destination.

Based on the responses so far, these women come from all backgrounds. They’ve experienced life’s familiar ups and downs. Yet they also share a common knowledge that happiness is an internal place. For them, happiness is a state of mind: it eclipses, transcends or otherwise minimizes the effects that life’s unpredictability brings their way.

Today’s featured quote from the Happiness Poll comes from my native state of New Jersey. It echos an elusive, yet otherwise knowable, habitation of simplicity and peace. I like it.

Maybe I’ll adopt it as my own.

Maura Sweeney is an Author, Publisher and Public Speaker

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