Careful of who slips by your Welcome mat!

Careful of who slips by your Welcome mat!

 Are you entertaining unwelcome friends?

Are they hanging around way too long and stealing your joy, vitality and happiness? Maybe it’s time to remove your welcome mat and bid these so-called friends adieu!

I originally addressed the topic of unwelcome friends in one of my first-ever videos and felt compelled to revisit the topic again. Why? Because everyone has an unwelcome friend, just not the way they imagine. 

When I first released the Unwelcome Friends video, one of my childhood friends saw it on Facebook and admitted her initial fear. 

“I thought you might be referring to me!” she exclaimed, laughing. However, once she listened, she understood my point. 

In the case for my treatment, unwelcome friends don’t involve familiar names like Jackie, Sam or Melissa. Neither are they speaking of images like a mother-in-law, an office nemesis, or even an ex-spouse.

Instead, these unwelcome friends refer to thoughts and ideas that quietly enter our life and dim the light of our freedom and happiness. I refer to these ideas as friends because of their familiarity, not because of their intent.

Surprisingly, unwelcome friends like anger, vengeance and — in my case — worry, can slip in undetected and drain us of vitality. Unless we take a moment to be more mindful of our thoughts, they may continue to hang around without our even recognizing them!

I hope you take a listen to my latest podcast #43, entitled Unwelcome Friends by clicking on the image below and pressing the prompt.

After listening, you may be sufficiently enlightened to show your unwelcome friend the nearest door!

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