Personal Consulting

See below for some of the ways Maura Sweeney can help you reach your personal and professional goals.

Media Ready Program – $500

Discover and apply to two weekly resources for podcast and radio guest requests

Discover and subscribe to a weekly media listing report seeking experts like you for inclusion into their stories

Learn how to complete your own media guest profile where others can find you and which you can utilize as a professional link for prospects

If you’re a speaker, discover one or more Speaker Profile Platforms to establish your name, messages and expertise

Learn the elements of writing a successful “pitch” letter to podcast, TV and radio show hosts

Additional Offerings – starting at $250/each

How to interview for radio/TV/podcasts – role play and feedback

Public Speaking Consult – messaging, delivery, role play

Contact names and emails for top rated Podcasts in your market segment(s) and

Potential recommendations (depending on readiness & messaging) to my personal media contacts

Personal & Executive Consulting – $150/hour

Learn how to increase your influence and leadership skills 

Get help in finding your voice, gaining confidence, transitioning in a new direction, learning business etiquette, etc.

 Maura Sweeney in Foundations of Happiness


(also available on LinkedIn)

“Maura Sweeney has an amazing gift of zeroing in on just what you are good at, then encouraging you and inspiring you to live your best life. She asks great questions that penetrate into who you really are, and she helps you define and create the branding message you need to be a success.

~ Dan Sherman, McGraw Hill Author of Maximum Success with LinkedIn – Recognized Worldwide as the Ultimate Guidebook to LinkedIn

“Maura was so helpful in guiding me towards opportunities I would never have reached on my own. Because of her advice and assistance, I was invited to speak on may podcasts and even had a regular spot on an internet radio show for a few months. Her positive, can do, attitude is inspirational and she is a wealth of knowledge regarding publicity and promotions. I recommend her to any author that wants to raise their profile.”

~ Lil Barcaski, CEO Virtual Creatives Ghostwriter and Publisher

“Maura’s talent for branding extends beyond herself. She can meet you, and in less than five minutes discern your major philosophy, strengths and goals. These she converts into key sentences which begin the branding of your vision. When it came time to seriously upgrade my professional visibility, I chose to become a client of Maura’s. I highly recommend you do the same.”

~ Amy Bryant, Author and Poet

“Maura Sweeney is character of class and integrity. She’s also a warrior. She can break down complex situations with poise and professionalism while identifying equitable solutions. Patient on the outside, determined on the inside. Customers trust her. Employees respect her. Her energy and passion is contagious.”

~ Ben Marini – Regional VP, Oracle (worked for Maura at Cable & Wireless)

Three words – Dynamic, Devoted, Dedicated. I am fortunate to have met and worked with Maura Sweeney. She made me feel welcomed when I first came to work at Cable & Wireless. She has been a role model for me in business and personal life skills. Maura is always positive and deploys enormous talent and luminosity to any new project she wants to master.

~ Jessica Szucs -New England Sales Specialist (worked for Maura at Cable & Wireless)

“Maura is the most creative and generous person. Her energy and ideas have not only boosted my career but also my confidence in breaking out of my shell. Maura is a wonderful woman with a lifetime of experience, stories and lessons that will touch anyone she helps. The positiveness she can provide will truly assist in “Living Happy.” Life is too short!

~ Christin Gerczak – Wealth Trust Advisor  & Attorney