The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well.

~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

What kinds of conversations do you enjoy with friends? Are they rich, inspiring, creative? Do they ignite your soul with fresh ideas, whimsical expansion and even a reminder of hopeful, childhood imaginings?

That’s exactly what the following interview did for me.

I threw myself on a limb when first invited to interview with Kerri Hummingbird, an engineer-turned-healer and author of the award-winning memoir Awakening To Me, on her new Soul Nectar show. I wondered if my messages and persona were sufficiently in line with her more metaphysical leanings.

In retrospect, I am thrilled that Kerri and I connected. Our exchange was probably one of the most free-wheeling, fun and full-bodied conversations I’ve ever had publicly — precisely because Kerri has a knack for bringing out the living life juice — aka “nectar” — that the title of her Soul Nectar show proclaims.

If you’re interested in connecting with your essence and life purpose, this is a not-to-be-missed exchange. Join two animated conversationalists opening their hearts, perspectives and life experiences for anyone willing to listen in.

If I could affix a single message to this interview, I’d define it as one of fun and unconditional love.

Hope you listen, laugh, imagine and smile your way home to peace and love, too.


 Maura Sweeney is an Author, Podcaster and International Speaker on Influence, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
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