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Are you looking for greater happiness in life? 

Are you wondering how to be happy in a world that often daunts and doubts the idea? 

Then give yourself the gift of happiness, my free book entitled Favorite Happiness Quotes!

If there’s one great way to un-do the limiting, negative and divisive thoughts that often fill our day, it’s by setting a few minutes aside to remember that happiness comes from within us — rather than without. 

Chapter Break New Hearts

What is this Favorite Happiness Quotes Book All About?

This small book is an anthology of 25 inspirational quotes about living a happy life from the inside out. It’s catalogued by yours truly, the Ambassador of Happiness, and further enhanced by my reflections. I offer information, anecdotal stories and more to help underscore each contributor’s quote. I also provide suggestions to help you incorporate these maxims into part of your mental landscape.  

Chapter Break New Hearts

Who is Quoted in this Happiness Book?

In this Favorite Happiness Quotes book, I capture inspiring quotes from several people who discovered how to find and define happiness from the inside out. 

As you peruse its 25 chapters, you’ll encounter personalities as diverse and popular as Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Walt Disney, Dale Carnegie, Mark Twain, Eleanor Roosevelt, Christian Dior, Mahatma Gandhi and the Dalai Lama.  

You’ll also be introduced to some lesser-known individuals whose inspirational quotes about happiness prove equally powerful.

Consider the wisdom of American poet, novelist and editor James Oppenheim; Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Naht Hanh; author Ben Sweetland who wrote Grow Rich While You Sleep ; 18th century European aristocrat Lady Blessington; and William Arthur Ward, one of America’s most quoted writers of inspirational maxims.   

Because inspiration arises from everywhere, I’ve also included a few happiness quotes attributed to anonymous sources in this book. These, too, carry profoundly simple inspiration for finding and living according to the happiness found within your own heart and spirit. 


Who Can Benefit from Favorite Happiness Quotes?

Who benefits by this read? Anyone who wants to live a happier, more satisfying and more abundant life from the inside out.

Read a chapter a day or all at once. Refer to this book again and again to glean further inspiration. 

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