Be a World Changer: Change Your Inner World and Your Outer One, Too

Sometimes, it takes one to know one.

It takes one familiar with fear, oppression, isolation and more to appreciate the plight of those battling with their own inner demons.

That’s precisely why I was moved to release my latest podcast called World Changer. Actually, it’s entitled You Can Be a World ChangerAnd I mean exactly what I’m professing in the podcast.

Our world is often ruled by fear. It doesn’t take much hindsight to conjure up the Cold War, the JFK assassination or a more recent 9/11. If you’d prefer to look elsewhere, consider some of our more recent earthquakes, floods or hurricanes. In the arena of health, we can recall Bird Flu, HIV/AIDS and SARS. 

As I write this blog, the world is caught up in fear of our latest outbreak: the Corona Virus.

The Consequences of Fear

For the past several years, I have become keenly aware of increasing levels of fear – even panic – expressed by some around me.

I especially remember the ramping up of fear as we approached the 2016 Presidential election. During that period, people grew more than agitated; they were afraid, convinced of some impending doom. To those ingesting the ominous ethers, danger hunted society as a whole . . . and eyed them in particular.

As if on cue, some began parroting trigger words they’d heard in the media. Though their actual day-to-day lives hadn’t changed, they allowed these memes and messages to creep in to their emotional thought life. Ultimately, they fell prey to confusion. And panic.

I’d listen with interest as they’d ramble on about these newly created, and oft repeated, words and ideas. I’d often invite them to compare their everyday lives with the rising concepts they were growing to accept. Surprisingly, some became so locked into fearful imaginations that logic and common sense no longer prevailed. Despite their better instincts and inclinations, these individuals mysteriously clung  to the fears they were now expressing.

They’d fallen captive to a metastasized, larger social psyche.

A World Gone Mad

One notable conversations arose at a cocktail affair I attended in 2016. A lovely, intelligent and talented couple with whom I was acquainted found it difficult to enjoy the quiet jazz music wafting from the other side of the room.  Instead, like flies caught in an evil spider web, these two were emotionally stuck in an altered reality.

As they stood beside me over appetizers, they spoke in hushed tones, describing a danger that awaited us all.

Their heavy sense of impending doom finally prompted the wife to blurt out: “We’re thinking about selling our house and moving away, but we can’t figure out where we’ll be safe!” 

From Prison of Fear to a Welcome Homecoming

As I said above, it takes one to know one. And I’ve been that one.

I know what it feels like to be locked up in a psychological and emotional cage where danger, isolation and — in my case, death — lurks at every corner.

That kind of existence exhausts rather than exhilarates. Regardless of our age, education or station in life, remaining captive to fearful beliefs can suck us dry until we die.

That is not the world we were meant to create, to install or to establish.

This latest podcast is not to meant to give greater credence to the darkened, former me or to reinforce the presently panicked or terror-stricken you.

Rather, it’s to share how we can exchange our house of fear for an abode of freedom. It’s to help pave a path that leads us out of shadowy caves and forward into the verdant meadows bathed in pleasant sunshine.

That world awaits us, one and all.

But we must first choose it as our own.

And after we do, to choose it again and again and again — until it becomes our all-in-all.

Latest Podcast: You Can Be a World Changer

You can be a world changer because your world begins from within.

Do not look to your favorite news station, pop artist or Hollywood icon to help you get there.

These people have already “created” a world in which the collective psyche remains suspended in a perpetual state of fear, division, strife and bondage.

If you’ve had enough of their messaging, start setting yourself free. As you do, you’ll help clear the way for the rest of the world, too.

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