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The United Nations made Happiness Day global, but author Maura Sweeney says happiness starts in the heart
The world may set aside one day a year to think about happiness, but Publisher, Speaker and Huffington Post blogger Maura Sweeney has made promoting Happiness a lifetime pursuit

The world has set aside one day a year to think about happiness, but Maura Sweeney has made promoting the idea a lifetime pursuit

On March 20, 2013 the first ever United Nations International Happiness Day launched an opportunity to reflect on what a good human life looks like. As the world was celebrating en masse, a new Florida-based author learned her Art of Happiness book series was picked by Spirited Woman, a popular women’s global empowerment community, as a Top 12 Spring Equinox read.    

As UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon applauded governments seeking to design policies around “comprehensive well-being indicators” and the nation of Bhutan uses the Gross National Happiness Index rather than a gross domestic product (GDP) to evaluate progress, things got personal for a fifty-something first time author. For Maura Sweeney, who left law school three decades ago, happiness is a matter that begins with the heart. It also offers the potential for influencing many in its wake.

The author remarked, “While still a child, I had opportunity to observe the life cycle as I saw both young and old pass away. Early on, the pursuits, values and vanity of the human condition became abundantly clear to me. So as others grew up pursuing external goals, I resolved to meet happiness in my heart.”

A law career would not have delivered on her goal, but today Maura Sweeney is packing a lifetime of personal stories, business experience and global travel into The Art of Happiness. Sharing introspective, funny and common tales on everything from Competition to Values and Judgment to Nonsense, she invites readers to discover their own identity and find happiness from the inside out.   

“The world can be a perplexing place. It offers many conflicting signals that  change with time. I hope my stories inspire others to discover their own sense of happiness and well-being. If my books can get selected on the same day the UN hosts its First International Day of Happiness, maybe this life pursuit was well timed!”

Chapter Break New Hearts


Maura Sweeney is a public speaker, publisher and author. For more information or to schedule an interview or speaking engagement, email at or call 727-667-1395.  


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