Being in a different culture begs the question: Why can’t others be tolerant of me?

I took the matter up in reverse – where I was the different one in a culture unlike my own.

A few reflections from outside Istanbul, Turkey’s famed Haggia Sofia. Originally erected by Emperor Constantine as part of the Roman Catholic faith, it was later converted to an Islamic mosque. Today, it reflects both faiths side-by-side and functions as a national museum. The edifice provided a great backdrop for my reflections on tolerance. .  .

Because of our own sense of what’s familiar, we tend to look at others unlike ourselves with a tad bit of intolerance. But what about when the tables are turned, when we’re in someone else’s familiar environment and we’re a bit . . . .different?

You don’t need to leave your country to put the shoe on the other foot. 

Hoping my personal reflections will aid you in thinking about how equal you are in tolerating others not exactly like yourself, too. 

Happiness Photo in Italy

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