How Can I Get Happier in Life?

If you have ever reached the end of yourself, feeling so desperately unhappy that you were afraid to live and afraid to die, there is hope. I’ve been there. And I’m Maura . . . here for you today.

Podcast 112: You Can Be a Bridge

Are you exhausted from looking at people and ideas from the standpoint of division? Too many of us fall into polarity and fear, but we can be a bridge to others in the world. Catch my latest podcast on bridges and a previous video I launched on the same topic, too. Be inspired to be a living example of the positive change you wish to see in the world.

President Buchanan’s Vision for New Leadership

At some future date, estimations of President Buchanan may be viewed through a higher and more illuminated lens. Buchanan believed in the inherent greatness of his own people, even when they were unable to see it in themselves. Read this excerpt from my upcoming free book entitled, Favorite Leadership Quotes.

Podcast 100: What if We Didn’t Need Money to Live?

We’ve all fallen prey to making money the ultimate barometer of life and abundance. But is that true? Find out in this blog and podcast.

Aging v. Agelessness: AARP Campaign Helps Bridge Generation Gaps and More

A recent AARP campaign inspires agelessness and bridging the generation gap between millennials and mid lifers. Regardless of your generation, learn how agelessness is mostly in the mind!

Maura for Women in Leadership

Maura Sweeney Knows and Lives Leadership — from the Inside Out On the set of Women Unscripted TV Women seeking to step up their power, profile and credibility in areas of influence, leadership and emotional intelligence at any age will find Maura Sweeney a uniquely qualified guest speaker for their organization or group. Though a

Taking Happiness Seriously on World Happiness Day

Celebrate World Happiness Day by finding happiness in your hearts rather than hoping for it through public institutions. Discover Maura Sweeney’s Foundations of Happiness, an eCourse for emotional intelligence with multi-media immersion and reflection. A master eCourse for those who are serious about getting happy.