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A world traveler and pioneer in the Happiness movement, Maura Sweeney is a writer, podcaster, and international speaker on Personal Leadership, Influence and the Power of Happiness in the workplace.

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With reflective questions, anecdotal stories and encouraging thoughts, Maura Sweeney: Living Happy Inside Out empowers you to embrace reflection, transformation and personal growth.


Feel better about yourself and your world. Maura uplifts, inspires, and empowers listeners from all backgrounds on topics such as leadership, influence, and personal growth.  


In a world that thrives on division, confusion and strife, learn how to resist bias and preconceptions on your journey toward a more purposeful and happy life.

Ambassador of Happiness® on a lifetime mission for a Better Society

Maura recognized from a very early age that the world around her was living in reverse. Instead of adults asking themselves what felt right, authentic and peaceful to them from within, they were seeking attention, approval, popularity and inclusion from others.

Maura’s belief is that as each of us learns to live from within, we emerge into happier, finer and more authentic people. And when we do, we each contribute to a better society, too. 

“Maura’s energetically friendly personality challenges her audience to view the world from different perspectives to resist the natural temptation to introduce biases and preconceptions to a problem or even a welcome event. You leave the room feeling better about yourself, but also challenged and fulfilled.”

Walter Andrusyszyn – Former diplomat and previous Director, Program in National Intelligence, University of South Florida

“Maura Sweeney made an indelible impression on me. Maura finds ways to connect with people, to inspire and empower them to achieve greatness. Her story resonates with individuals who may need help finding their path to happiness.

Diane Hamilton, Ph.D. –  Speaker, Author, and Radio Show Host at Dr. Diane Hamilton LLC

“I heard Maura speak at a luncheon of professional women and she was uplifting and joyful. Everyone in attendance was on the edge of their seats and waiting for more.She’s interesting, passionate and entertaining. Her energy is infectious. I look forward to hearing Maura speak again. The positivity that she radiates can benefit anyone.”

Debora A. Diaz, Esquire, Owner – Debora A. Diaz, PLLC

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