H About MauraAs a child growing up in New Jersey, Maura dreamed of boarding planes, having fun and meeting friends in foreign lands.

She never would have imagined that fifty years later, the UNESCO Center for Peace would call her the “Ambassador of Happiness.”

A 1980 Boston College graduate, Maura left law school mid-stream to exit a career path she was groomed for to find her own brand of happiness. This pivotal decision formed the catalyst for what would become her ultimate vocation: to help others start “Living Happy – Inside Out”.

With her experience as a corporate manager, business owner and home schooling mom, Maura now purveys reflective questions and good news stories that uplift, inspire and empower.

Incorporating her travels to over 50 countries, Maura helps others see what unites people and shares what’s best in us all.

Maura and her husband Jim met when they were students at Boston College. Married since 1981, they enjoy life on Florida’s Gulf Coast while supporting each other in their respective empty nest careers.

Maura loves playing witty wordsmith for Jim’s MIKE Sports Comics Book Series. As publisher, her goal is that anyone – even non-sports fans like her – can understand appreciate and MIKE’s clever narratives and informative stories.

An expert world traveler and consummate organizer, Jim Sweeney makes sure his creative wife remembers her keys, gets out of the garage on time and knows what city she’s in – even when that city is her own.

Their daughter, a journalist living in New York, also loves to travel and her parents often marvel at her many global friends. Now completing her masters at Harvard, she co-founded Empowered-Voices, a non-profit supporting community development projects for women in Uganda’s Mubende district. Her mom is a very proud Member of the Board of Directors.

Maura Sweeney with headphonesAs the “Ambassador of Happiness” Maura is easy to find on the web. Just Google Maura Sweeney!

See the following page for the many places you can locate her podcast, videos, blogs and books.

Maura Sweeney in Foundations of Happiness

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