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Yes, I truly am the Ambassador of Happiness!

My Ambassador of Happiness Trademark became official just a few years ago, but the life path to happiness and self leadership has taken me over a half century to master. 

Join me here for personal stories, books, videos, interviews, resources and much more to help you find your own way to happiness . . . but by a far faster route!

Between 1974 and the present, my transformation from the inside out!

Over the years, I’ve come a long way. When I was a youth and a pre-teen, my grandmother called me “Waterworks” because I could cry at the drop of a hat. Growing up, I felt powerless, isolated, restricted and most of all groomed. In my case, the “grooming” was focused on all my outside accomplishments and attributes rather than from a nurturing of my true self.  We’ve all got some kind of outer expectations, parental training and other social messaging that can cause us to go astray from our true self by following what’s outside rather than waiting to bloom from our inner soul. 

If pictures could tell a thousand words, then the above series of photos should do just that. They demonstrate how, by choosing to live happy and authentically from my inner thoughts, intentions and choices, I’ve emerged as a brighter and more confident person. Most people remark that I looked lonely and bereft and heavy-laden (even without the suitcases!) in that first image above, yet I was only 15 years old! In the second image, I’m 23 and mid-way through law school studies. About a month later, I couldn’t get up from my own chair to drive myself to class. When I tried to speak, no audible words came out of my mouth. I was unable to express myself!

Many people reach their “Waterloo” moment, but this was mine.  Unable to continue in a future 40 year law career and an identity I never wanted, I exited law school and my family’s long held expectations to follow my own path. I needed to feel the light within me reignite and, while I had no idea as to what my next act would be or how I’d proceed forward, I set out on my own journey. 

You can read more about my life afterward in several of my blogs and books, but toward career purpose) to today.


 Frequently, I’m asked the question: What does “living happy inside out” mean?

I recognized from a very early age that the world around me was living in reverse. Instead of asking themselves what felt right, authentic and peaceful to them from within, adults were taking all their “cues” from the outer world where they’d seek attention, approval, popularity and inclusion.

Though I was groomed by family, society and even advertisers for an “outside” life mentality, I was challenged to repeatedly go within and find answers for life. While others were supposedly on their merry way, I struggled to find true happiness, freedom and a sense of authenticity. I never quite fit in with the norm. Worse, I recognized how norms kept changing. 

Over the course of my life, I stepped away from what others deemed important, valuable, and even successful. I chose to pursue other things that others didn’t seem to value, many of them the things that were most important to my heart and soul.

In any case, I probably appeared out of sync with many of those around me and, perhaps, most of the world.

But I was on a marathon and not a dash. My  focus and anticipation involved growing into adulthood as a happy, free and purpose-filled individual.

My belief is that as each of us learns to live from within, we emerge into happier, finer and more authentic people.

And when we do, we each contribute to a better society, too.

This old Jewish proverb sums up much of my philosophy. As the old Jewish prophet recognized, it is our ongoing, inner thoughts that form our life experience and identity. When chosen repeatedly and consistently from the right perspective, our conscious thought life uplifts us from within, illuminates our soul and brightens the world around us. 


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