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Maura Sweeney is a blogger, podcaster and producer of Maura4u videos.

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See yourself and be yourself in this Art of Happiness book series. Engaging, sometimes funny and always enlightening stories and anecdotes to help you navigate through some of life’s common issues: Comfort Zones, Influence, Competition, Values, Judgement and Nonsense. Each book just $2.49 from Amazon.



Maura Sweeney Endorsed Coach to Law of Attraction Magazine

Master eCourse:

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For those “serious” about happiness and authentic living, Foundations of Happiness is a highly immersive, multi-media master class. Deeply grounded with text, videos, audios and reflective questions, this self-study program will help you master your personal happiness and empower your emotional intelligence. Course price: $249.


Keynote Speaker or Workshop Leader:

An international speaker who has been featured on NBC-TV, Britain’s BBC and over 100 media outlets in the U.S. and abroad, Maura Sweeney is available as a keynote speaker, workshop leader and facilitator for your organization. Click here for details about booking Maura.

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Maura Sweeney is an International Speaker on Influence, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

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