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Women seeking to step up their power, profile and credibility in areas of influence, leadership and emotional intelligence at any age will find Maura Sweeney a uniquely qualified guest speaker for their organization or group.

Though a cross-cultural, cross-generational personality whose mission is to uplift all within her path, Maura’s background delivers elements that make her an especially powerful voice to women.

Facts About Maura Sweeney


* In 1980, chosen among all Boston College’s Political Science majors to intern for Senator Ted Kennedy at his Boston office. Declined a full time position after graduation.

* In 1982, exited law school mid-stream to find her own path to happiness and business success apart from previous grooming and entrenched family expectations.

* At age 24, promoted to Operations Manager at executive search firm recruiting and presenting Fortune 500 GM through VP level candidates to client companies and also consulting for outplacement executives seeking new career opportunities.

* At age 25, relocated to Florida and joined the sales team of the nation’s third largest alternative long distance company.  Within 3 months, promoted to Sales Manager and made successful transition to leadership that brought a wake of further promotions.

* At age 27, promoted again to Branch Manager. Awarded Chairman’s Award as #1 Branch Manager of the Year out of 34 national offices. Leadership expertise was further recognized as a Sales Manager, Major Account Manager and five additional sales reps on team were recognized during a week long Caribbean cruise.

* Declined two promotions to NYC and Chicago. Launched one new office and oversaw several others around the Southeast. Named Comeback Manager of the Year for maintaining staff and bringing back sales following a corporate moratorium on certain key product lines.

* At age 30, recruited by an international telecom company to launch their Florida market with a new Tampa branch. Taking neither staff nor accounts from prior employer, hired and trained a new staff, developed business, promoted various employees into management, enjoyed outstanding employee and customer retention & received numerous performance awards.

* Developed several new managers in the company as a Mentoring Manager.

* At age 34, left corporate career to stay home with a new child.

* At age 37, received of National Award for Communications Effectiveness from nation’s largest women’s advocacy organization based out of Washington, D.C.

* During my 30’s and 40’s, served as home schooling parent to our daughter who enrolled in early college at 13, graduated with a B.S. in Journalism from Boston University and began a masters program in International Relations at Harvard at age 19.

* While raising our daughter, helped launch a Tampa Bay based computer firm with my husband with annual sales eventually exceeding $50+ million.

* Relaunched my career as an “empty nester” to become an alternative, empowering voice in the culture for others seeking more joy and purpose from their life and career.

* At age 50, finally pursued a childhood dream to learn how to dance by enrolling in a local college dance program.

* Created over 200 YouTube videos from around the world with reflective questions and anecdotal information inspiring others to find their authentic self.

* Authored The Art of Happiness book series on Amazon to help others “See Themselves & Be Themselves”. First installment of this series is entitled “Exiting the Comfort Zone: Dance or Die” which narrates my story of learning how to dance at midlife and inspires readers to exit their comfort zones, too.

* Invited by Huffington Post to serve as a regular contributor to their publication.

* Featured in a major interview by Britain’s BBC radio to discuss U.S. v. British perspectives on culture, politics and economic values.

* Named Ambassador of Happiness by UNESCO Center for Peace when invited to speak at first national Nelson Mandela Day celebration and to address university students from 25+ countries on how to become a new breed of leader for the 21st century.

* Featured in 100+ media outlets in U.S. and overseas speaking on various topics to include: influence, authenticity, careers, leadership and emotional intelligence.

* Featured speaker at Southeastern Europe’s first Summit of 100 Young Leaders.

* Featured speaker at several other universities, business leadership conferences and American Embassy outposts on new paradigms of Influence and Leadership for the 21st century.

 Happily married to the same man since 1981.

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