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“Titles are but nicknames, and every nickname is a title.”

~ Thomas Paine 

What is your title?

I’m not referring to your official job title, but to an identity that best describes the essence and fullness of who you truly are.

Most of us are accustomed to carrying limited ways of identifying ourselves. We often stay carefully and rigidly within the lines of social and professional constructs. Some of us have remained under titles that don’t suit us, while others wait for titles to be bestowed upon us by others.

But what if we’re carrying an internal title, one that’s yet to be discovered!

Each of us embodies attributes that make us uniquely rich in character, talents and more. And as we begin to think of ourselves in outside-the-box ways, we set ourselves free to shine in full bloom. As a side consequence, we inspire others to do the same.

Thomas Paine, author of the paradigm-shifting booklet Common Sense, knew a thing or two about titles. He also understood something of personal agency and the human condition when he quipped, “Titles are but nicknames, and every nickname is a title.”

If you are seeking a more empowered and authentic life experience, then this upcoming podcast is a great listen for you. Maybe it’s time for you to come out of hiding and manifest some of your inner dreams and personal aspirations.

The world may be waiting for your vibrant new title to add to its global goodness!

Then, listen in to Heather Ann Havenwood from Austin, Texas share the development of her unique title role as Chief Sexy Boss.


Maura Sweeney in Foundations of Happiness

Want more inspiration on this topic? Watch the following video where I make a similar query: What is your name? 

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    Hi Maura; I am often asked about being the blind blogger. I tell people it started as a short hand used by other bloggers in social media groups. Most people don’t have many blind people in their circles. The ones they do have become the blind whatever. Even I do it. I know a blind triathlete and a blind policeman. No he’s not from the u s. 🙂 But I know being the blind blogger isn’t all I am. Friends seem to drop new tags on me all the time. some of my favorites are the blind terminator from david ralph of join up dots and latest Marvel’s dare devil of the blogging world from Ryan Biddulph of blogging from paradise who I was blessed to meet in person while in New York City. I have even updated my signature to remind myself and others that the blind blogger isn’t all I am. I now say Max Ivey Known around the world as The Blind Blogger, Host of What’s Your Excuse, Founder of the Midway Marketplace, and so much more! What do you think Maura? Great post about titles, labels, nick names, etc. Thanks for sharing, Max

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