Grounded: It Can Be A Good Thing!

I’ve been in a season of grounding for close to 50 years, and, while most of my contemporaries were focused on moving up, I was geared to the earth, the pavement, the grass and the sidewalk. But grounding is a gift that brings humility, humor and grace to our lives. It roots us securely to the earth so our branches can rise safely to the sky.


Marriage. Ever wonder why people get married, and why they marry a particular person? I married so I could start a New Life. And I have – again and again and again.

Outed…as an Oddball

It’s official.  After a near lifetime of denial, failed attempts at conformity, and entirely too much under-cover hiding, I’ve finally emerged from the closet. The all-too- many sleepless nights of trying to make peace with my true identity have finally come to an end.  I’m going public with the disclosure and officially reporting HEADLINE NEWS