Being an author, blogger and podcaster known as Maura4u is the perfect cover for meeting, interviewing and being inspired by others. I love to capture people, ideas and places as I travel. Here are a few photos which include some of the eclectic personalities I’ve met, interesting places I’ve visited and some dear people in


  I‘m Passionate About Publishing! Everyone’s got a passion for something – that internal fascination that pulls at them, pumps them up, and provides positive energy to fuel their individual identity and existence. One of my passions is publishing, and I’ve enjoyed a lifelong love affair with this brightly golden gem. A quick recap of’s

About Maura: Her Back Story

If life not shown me what happiness was not, I might not have embarked on a journey to discover what happiness truly is!   I was living according to someone else’s instruction manual.  Having one’s future all planned out is often a great idea. It gives us purpose, direction and goals to attain. But in