Podcast 112: You Can Be a Bridge

Are you exhausted from looking at people and ideas from the standpoint of division? Too many of us fall into polarity and fear, but we can be a bridge to others in the world. Catch my latest podcast on bridges and a previous video I launched on the same topic, too. Be inspired to be a living example of the positive change you wish to see in the world.

Happy at Work: An Interview with Anton Philips

Meet the grandson of Philips Corp. founder Anton Philips as he talks about what makes us happy at work. A short blog and video interview I had with the younger Anton Philips while at the 2017 Women’s Economic Forum in The Hague, Netherlands.

In St. Petersburg, FL: Making the Most of Creative Mornings

Creative Mornings believes everyone is creative. Now, there’s a global community to support those making the most of their creativity.

That’s the introductory message I heard at a recent event in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Brooklyn-based Creative Mornings lecture series currently gathers in 164 creative communities around the world.

Special Holiday Podcast: Peace on Earth

Peace on earth was originally sought after by the Magi from the East when they followed the star in search of the Christ child. That same peace on earth is available today to all who are willing to find it in their heart. Listen to this special holiday podcast that will touch your heart — and peace — regardless of your religious, cultural or geographic background.