Podcast 107 Thanksgiving for Gifts in Disguise

At first glance, not everything that presents itself to us in life seems worthy of being called a gift. However, in this podcast, you may discover the hidden life treasures that emerge even during some of your most trying times. Be of good cheer and accept my wishes for a hope-filled season of giving thanks as you listen in.

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Podcast 106 Living in Polarity or Peace?

The 2016 Presidential race results bring focus to our inward thoughts. Will we continue to live in polarity or will we learn to live in peace? Find out more in this podcast and blog that’s right for any time or season of the year.

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President Buchanan’s Vision for New Leadership

At some future date, estimations of President Buchanan may be viewed through a higher and more illuminated lens. Buchanan believed in the inherent greatness of his own people, even when they were unable to see it in themselves. Read this excerpt from my upcoming free book entitled, Favorite Leadership Quotes.

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Podcast 105 Living With Inspiration

In a world that often discourages, depresses or disappoints, we all need to find ways for living with inspiration. Uplift and encourage yourself in this blog and podcast.

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Podcast 104: The Heart of Generosity

Most of us think of generosity as giving big gifts and lots of money. In this podcast and blog, learn how generosity has to do with the greatness of soul.

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Podcast 101: Be Your Own Kind of Cookie

Are you a mere copy of conformity or becoming your own kind of cookie in life? A light-hearted podcast discussing cookie cutter mentalities and inspiring you to break out into your personal creativity and brilliance!

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Over the Rainbow to Happiness

Want to be happier in life? Be like Judy Garland’s Dorothy character and step over the rainbow to a first-rate version of yourself. Watch Dorothy sing Somewhere, Over the Rainbow in The Wizard of Oz.

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