Podcast 101: Be Your Own Kind of Cookie

Are you a mere copy of conformity or becoming your own kind of cookie in life? A light-hearted podcast discussing cookie cutter mentalities and inspiring you to break out into your personal creativity and brilliance!

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Over the Rainbow to Happiness

Want to be happier in life? Be like Judy Garland’s Dorothy character and step over the rainbow to a first-rate version of yourself. Watch Dorothy sing Somewhere, Over the Rainbow in The Wizard of Oz.

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Podcast 099: Can You Learn from Bad Examples?

Bad examples can show up wherever we hoped to find and emulate an elder, expert, boss or leader. In this podcast, we discuss how to turn our experiences with bad examples into something good!

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Podcast 097: Is Your Silence Golden?

Sometimes it’s wise to speak up but at other times, silence is golden! In this podcast, find out more about this old adage and discover how to use your own silence in some golden and influential ways!

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Podcast 096: What Are You Giving Your Power To?

Are you giving away your power? Perhaps it’s time to take it back. In this latest blog and podcast, be inspired to turn away fro some of the negative news cycle and become your own source of positive power, instead.

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Podcast 095: Can I Do This?

Have you ever asked yourself the burning question, “Can I do this?” If so, this podcast and blog are for you! Be empowered, encouraged and enlightened. Find what it takes to answer “yes” and step into the dreams, visions and aspirations you’ve been only dreaming about till now.

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Speaking Your Truth

Are you speaking your truth with your mouth or with your presence? In this blog and podcast, I take up the subject of speaking your truth in powerful ways.

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