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Media Resources

Thank you for inviting me to serve as a guest on your show. The following Media Resources should equip you with the necessary materials you require to best prepare for our interview. several photos from which to choose sample questions to ask me fun facts about me social media links link to a free give-away book

About Maura Sweeney

As a child growing up in New Jersey, Maura dreamed of boarding planes, having fun and meeting friends in foreign lands. She never would have imagined that fifty years later, the UNESCO Center for Peace would call her the “Ambassador of Happiness.” A 1980 Boston College graduate, Maura left law school mid-stream to exit a

Speaker FAQ’s

Maura Sweeney speaking at Young Leaders Summit in Belgrade, Serbia     Book Maura Sweeney to Speak at Your Event Maura’s Speaker FAQ’s Page provides comprehensive information on her extensive public speaking background to include: 1. Public Speaking Expertise 2. Travel Requirements 3. Partial Client List 4. Pre-Program Requests 5. Event Requirements Maura Sweeney has


1. Who is Maura Sweeney? 2. Why is she known as Maura4u? 3. What is Maura’s mantra? 4. Where in the media has Maura been featured? 5. What have others said about Maura? 6. Why should I book Maura to speak at my event? 7. How do I book Maura? 1. Who is Maura Sweeney?

Declaring Independence: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Are you living out of the Declaration of Independence? The groundbreaking 18th century document announced a completely new way of life for mankind, but have we made its clarion call our personal reality? An insightful blog and podcast to inspire you to embody the values of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness in your life.

Are You Entertaining Unwelcome Friends?

Unwelcome friends are not what you imagine. They are thoughts and ideas that quietly enter our life and dim the light of our freedom and happiness. Isn’t it time you discover them and show them to the door?