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Introducing the updated, expanded, second edition of Maura Sweeney’s The Art of Happiness series.  Find them all on Amazon now!

If you’ve been grappling with Comfort Zones, Judgment, Competition, Values, Influence and even Nonsense in your life, The Art of Happiness series is for you!

See what others are saying about Maura Sweeney’s The Art of Happiness series . . . .

“Very inspiring!”

“. . . positive and inspiring without ever feeling preachy. . .”

“Maura Sweeney does it again – she cuts to the chase and gives us tools and reminders about what is important in life. . . “

“Maura’s self-deprecating humor makes the journey fun. . . the reader finds himself motivated to think about actually picking up and dusting off some his old dreams along the way . . .”

“…universal in a captivating way through humor, some seriousness, and welcome heartwarming redemption.”

“Maura Sweeney’s The Art of Happiness series, Exiting the Comfort Zone is a wonderful invitation to let our hearts dance to the rhythm of happiness and joy from deep within all of us!”

                                                            ~ Arielle Giordano
                                                             Dancer, Author, Inspirational Speaker

“Maura’s stories relay profound messages that are derived from a place of strength, conviction and passion which allow readers to relate with her on an intimate level. As the Happiness Ambassador, her voice remains steadfast in empowering individuals to embrace a mindful lifestyle that can deliver inner peace while working towards an overall life balance. Her quest for a lifetime of learning and taking risks has paid off, granting her opportunities to spread the message of peace and happiness worldwide. She is an experienced guide who can educate others how to nurture their lives without compromising their true life purpose. It’s never too late to get off the bandwagon and manifest your story of happiness!”

 ~ Sasha Laghonh, Life Strategies & Business Coach, Speaker, Radio Host & Author at

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Nobody has yet to escape the Nonsense Zone in life – and neither has author Maura Sweeney. Another short story from an author who tells the tale of attempting to find that perfect mix between fashion and function as she prepares for a winter trip to New York. Funny, relatable…and, as always, true!

“Once again, Maura Sweeney has delighted us with her insight into human nature…” ~ an Amazon review

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Amazon Book Recap: A laugh out loud story about cultural differences, ethnic strongholds and why Judgment isn’t nearly as frightful as it appears. In Judgment and a story about The Polish Inquisition, author Maura Sweeney comically recalls an encounter with her future mother-in-law and a panel of inquiring, equally Polish, sisters.

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Amazon Book Recap: When it comes to finding happiness, discovering and adhering to our own set of values is key. Author Maura Sweeney shares her affinity for the value of Truth and how became a faithful friend in living an authentic life. As you journey with Maura through this somewhat off-beat and otherwise compelling narrative, you’ll be inspired to connect with those values that make you most happy, too!

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Influence Book Recap: Did you know that you are a person of influence? Yes, you! Inspired by TIME Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People in the World, meet some of the people that have influenced the author’s life in some unexpected ways! This fun and highly relatable narrative helps you explore the power of your own influence.

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Competition Book Recap:  If you’ve ever run after too much or aspired to something for the wrong reasons, this book is for you. In Maura’s lighthearted series of personal vignettes, you’ll discover how not all rat races are worth the running – especially if your ultimate goal is personal happiness. A reflective narrative about authentic living for readers of any age or background!

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What are you waiting for? No matter what time in life you’re living in, it’s always time to discover, remember and find your own Art of Happiness in life!

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