Maura Sweeney at Ritz Carlton Hotel in Naples, FloridaAre you asleep?

Most of us are asleep, but not the way we imagine!

Depending on our emotions and life experience, we may have retreated into a private cocoon. Getting used to our hibernating state, we may have forgotten to step out and rejoin the world around us.

Wakeful slumber can be tricky. It can stem from background training, trauma or even mundane routines. Without realizing it, we learn to remain asleep while our outer lives operate on autopilot.

If you doubt the idea, consider the last time you took a familiar commute. From the moment you shut your car door to the second you pulled into your assigned parking spot, can you remember being fully present?

Were you actively in place during each mile of your journey? If not, you just experienced a slice of wakeful slumbering. You trusted in well-developed reflexes to get you there instead.

Maura Sweeney in Foundations of HappinessWe all find ways to stay asleep. Wakeful slumbering is our common way for filtering out what we’ve been trained to deny or ignoring what we’ve previously found difficult to address.

There is, however, a brighter side to this phenomena. When the time is right — and ripe — we may discover that we’re presently living in a new day, no longer needing to hide and abide in a zombie-like state.

As our awareness arises, we may realize that we want to seize a bigger, brighter and more enlivened life experience. We no longer wish to remain asleep, stifling our chances for personal growth or squelching our fuller expression of the grander self.

In the following podcast, I share my story of slumbering while awake. What a surprise it was for me to learn that I was hearing words, yet failing to process them!

Previous training, self-protective mechanisms and other well-worn habits can keep us from seeing, hearing or even feeling desirable new possibilities that beckon for our attention.  

May you be inspired to awaken from your own dream, even if you’re currently unaware that you’re napping.

Click here or on the bar below for my podcast entitled Are You Asleep?

It may be time for you to shake yourself from slumber and awaken to more of life, too!


Maura Sweeney in Foundations of Happiness

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