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“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”  

~ Jimmy Dean

Who says you can’t?

The infamous “I can’t ” mantra can show up just about anywhere. But any philosophy bound by “I can’t” can end up defining – and even dominating – our life.

Without realizing it, we adopt ideas so familiar and pervasive to our existence that we become slaves to them rather than conquerers over them.

Any notion that reinforces weakness or underscores debilitation does nothing to support our happiness, peace or well-being. Like anything else that erodes and encroaches upon our sense of freedom, vitality and expression, adhering to an “I can’t” philosophy can prove to be a major detriment.

In the following podcast, I take on the “I can’t” syndrome. Listen to some of my personal experiences and find out how you, too, can exchange an “I can’t” mentality for one that says “I can”.

This is a short audio for self-help, aimed at having you contemplate where your personal “I can” philosophy might take you! Discover how you, too, can exchange your limiting and negative mantra for something far happier.

Paraphrasing actor Jimmy Dean’s quote above, we can’t change the wind’s direction, but we can learn to adjust our sails and reach our desired destination!


Chapter Break Angel

Still Contemplating an I Can’t Mindset?

For more inspiration on exchanging a negative mentality for something more inspiring, watch the following video entitled Who Says You Can’t?

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Wishing you a happy life that says, “I can”!

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