Maura Sweeney Podcast CoverWhy do we implode?

The word is rarely used, but the idea of personal implosion warrants a bit of attention from anyone on the road to living happy from the inside out.

We implode when we collapse inwardly, as if by some external pressure. To implode involves a violent compression, with the subject matter becoming greatly reduced. According to its most basic definition, implosion is the breaking down or falling apart from within.

So what makes some of us collapse and self-destruct via this process of implosion?

Most of us are so busy and consumed that we rarely take time to survey our lives, to take stock of elements that may be draining or disempowering our own life force. When we don’t, we miss the opportunity to take stock of cravings, pursuits or other behaviors that might be keeping us on edge or threatening what could be an otherwise healthy life experience.

Today’s podcast takes on the topic of implosion with a bit more detail. 

Consider what follows as a self-help challenge to help you to turn from what might be currently driving you to implode. You can choose instead to live more deeply, fully and richly from a new and improved philosophy — beginning today.


Maura Sweeney in Foundations of Happiness

For more on the topic of pausing for personal reflection, watch the following video. Filmed in front of the the NASCAR Hall of Fame, it’s aptly entitled, Time for a Pitstop in Life?

Wishing you both a pit stop for reflection and a future designed around a healthy, happy and more peaceful life from within! 

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