What's the backdrop of your mind? Edinburgh Palace made a great new one for me!

What’s the backdrop of your mind? Edinburgh Palace made a great new one for me!

“The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”   -Albert Einstein

What is forming the backdrop of your mind? Is it the verdant grounds and bright blue sky of a happy and life-affirming belief, or is it a dark and constricting thought that diminishes the hope and freedom you might otherwise enjoy?

I consider this topic in my most recent podcast #44 entitled, “What are you thinking?” because I was one of those people existing in the latter zone.

In my case, I had grown up under a mindset of death and dying. Unknowingly, that mindset colored my sense of positive expectation for the future.

Until I became fully aware of this idea, it hovered quietly behind – and over – nearly every decision I made.  It also thwarted a youthful and bright outlook I could have carried during my earlier years. 

Unless we’re mindful enough to listen objectively to the internal dialogue inside our head, we can exist in an imaginary world we’ve created. And that world may not always reflect the true happiness we might otherwise wish to experience.

Yet most of us don’t realize that we possess the power to change our lives for the better, starting with a change in our thinking. 

Our predominant, though familiar and subtle, belief hidden in the recesses of our mind colors the manner in which we live life and view the world around us. If that predominant thought is not an inspiring or helpful one, perhaps it’s time to change it.

Thoughts about death that used to serve as my mental backdrop have progressively dissipated, thanks to a few “Aha!” moments and a decision to “change my mind” about what was in my mind! 

These days, I am more and more aware of the energizing life that was previously obscured by thoughts of death. I’ve not only changed my own life perspective, but the world outside me has changed accordingly.  

If you’re wondering if your life could be happier, freer and more joyful, I hope you take a listen to what follows.

A single “Aha!” moment of illumination can change your life for the happier too!  

Click here for Podcast #44: What Are You Thinking About?

Click here for Podcast #44: What Are You Thinking About?







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