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  1. diane young


    Maura, I got home today [after getting my toes done on 590 ha!]and realized that God ordained that meeting up with you, today, I have been been very blessed as I read your stories about yourself. I needed to hear things you have said as I have been very unsettled in the way things have been going lately! tears have been welling up in my eyes as I have been vewing you clips. I have been selfish in my doing good for others thinking when is going to be my time? I have realized today IT IS my time being able to help others as my husband and I have been doing since we gave our lives to cccccccChrist. I am 67 and am in great health and hve a great opportunity to be a blessing to others and fulfill my happiness! God bless you and im telling others about your web site! my address 23fernbrooke dr safety harbor fl.34695 diane young THANKS

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      Wow, Diane, that is so wonderful for me to hear. How I ended up in that salon today, I’ll never know! Please feel free to write to me directly at Maura@Maura4u where we can keep in better touch.

  2. diane young


    this is the lady in the nail place! My grandson is stuck remember?! dwould ou know anyone to tudor him? he is in F. virtual cool and his mom is working 9 to6 we have him during the day and we are not computer savy. So not much help/ if you know a big brother type person that would have a heart for a boy in need I would be greatful for a suggestion thank you<3 dyan

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      Such a pleasure to meet you, Diane! Thanks for writing. I’ll keep my antenna up for a tutor/mentor.

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