What is it that really makes people happy and what do we really want from life?

For several years, I’ve been conducting my own Happiness Survey to find out these answers.

Happiness Survey Data

Sample base: hundreds of participants from 28 states and 23 foreign countries

Age range: 18 – 90+

Status: Single, Married, in a relationship, Widowed and Divorced

65% female / 35% male

Education: High School through PhD level

After completing generic information, participants were asked to describe happiness using 50 words or less.

Survey Findings

Distilling the various definitions, five areas became very apparent in defining personal happiness for those who participated. These areas include:

  • Healthy relationships – families, friends & colleagues
  • Peace of Mind – translated as contentment with little to no stress or drama
  • Freedom – to express themselves and do what make them feel happy
  • Purpose & Fulfillment
  • Personal Confidence



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