Gratitude Challenge Are you serious about being grateful?

I just got finished responding to the Gratitude Challenge presently circulating on Facebook.

By the time I got to Day #5 (which was today), I realized that I was grateful for every person I’d ever met. Each one has helped contribute to my learning, growth and wisdom. Without them, I would be left wanting. Without them having touched my life, I would be far less happy today.

Aside from the obvious reasons to be grateful, I had finer lessons to learn and each encounter helped me; even when the path before me appeared murky, rocky and unclear. 

I concluded my Gratitude Challenge today. When I realized that when everyone is thanked and viewed as a valuable contributor to another person’s growth and happiness, all further remarks become redundant.

What are you grateful for in life? Can you, too, see beyond the obvious and realize that every encounter can be viewed for good?

If you’re not there yet, I encourage to respond to this question with whatever in life has given you a sense of gratitude.

After you’ve done so, share this with your friends and associates to read, respond and share again. 

Let’s see how far and wide the Gratitude Challenge can go. And let’s see if we can all be amazed by the immeasurable power contained within our collective Gratitude.

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