At a centuries-old European well with my daughter - before I dipped into my own well!

Leaning atop a centuries-old European well with my quickly growing daughter. Would she learn to draw from her own well, too?

                                     “For whatever we lose (like a you or a me),                                    

It’s always our self we find in the sea.” 

~e.e. cummings

Have you contemplated what’s lying dormant in your well? 

Walking past a centuries-old well while vacationing in Europe caused me to pause for this photo with our then coming-of-age daughter. I wanted to memorialize for her a life lesson I’d been imparting to her throughout her home schooling years:

“Don’t seek in the wrong places for what will never give you what you really want.”

Several years ago, I became convinced that few of us go deep. Instead of reflecting upon our heart, soul and life force, we robotically search after things external to find our significance, abundance and happiness.

Chapter Break Angel

Whether moved by culture or a commercially-driven media, we’re trained to seek sustenance, support and supposed wealth from sources other than ourselves. Subliminal messages remind us that we’ll be somehow happier as we do. 

If you doubt my observation, consider the ubiquitous Capital One ad campaign. For several years, we’ve heard the regular drumbeat asking us, “What’s in your wallet?” The implied response is supposed to be, “My Capital One credit card.” 

The seminal question has been seared into our collective consciousness since Capital One’s ad campaign debuted in 2000. High profile celebrities like Alec Baldwin and Samuel L. Jackson reinforce the messaging of a wallet- rather than well-based wealth. 

The external search-and-borrow slogan has been effective; it invites us into excess spending and debt as we answer the campaign’s call. But it also obscures and delays our search for the greater sources of happiness, satisfaction and joy.  

Today, I’d like to replace Capital One’s “What’s in your wallet?” campaign with some alternate questions of my own.

What if our true abundance is found in a deep and personal well?

What if a flow of personal wealth can be cultivated from within — rather than without?

What if we could exchange externally driven debt-based thinking and replace at least some of it with a connection to the internal source of life?  

“If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water.” 

~Jesus to the woman at the well 

Many quote scriptures for the sake of tradition. Similar to parroting commercial phrases like, “What’s in your wallet?” they repeat Biblical passages acquired from rote training. 

Some expressions have perplexed me since youth. I’ve sought the true meaning behind entrenched credos and venerated spiritual phrases that were often repeated but never properly explained.

Whether it’s Jesus’ curious words to the woman at the well or C.C. Cummings’ rhyming couplet reminding us to find our selves in the sea, passages like these compel me on an inward search. These veiled invitations beckon me to find marvelous answers to the dormant life force from which we’ve all sprung. 

Like a siren, these types of esoteric expressions call me into a personal vortex; they generate introspection and ignite ancient remembrances. I intuitively know that answers should be discovered, drawn up from some deep well within me.

As someone who’s spent a lifetime in search for a more lasting Truth than a passing “What’s in your wallet?” message, I invite you to do the same for yourself today.

Who knows what you might find — when you look somewhere other than in your wallet! 

Listen here or press the icon below for my latest podcast which asks the central question: “What’s in your well?”

May your personal inquiry unearth a surprisingly lively, invigorating and abundant font of happiness!                   

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