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Courtesy: Wikimedia

As darkness passes, only love remains.

I’m recognizing love this holiday season and I’m hoping you are, too.

Holidays can be the most joyful time of year.  However, they can also bring up feelings of fear, isolation and sorrow. I am reminded of so much news these past few months that has fostered fear and contributed to division among us. And I’m also reminded that we contribute to problems by giving our attention and recognition to negative, divisive or threatening reports.

So, instead, I’m focusing on the light of love that lives within us.

Reminders of the Heart

These days, many are appealing to institutions, asking for more legislation to solve man’s problems. They’re hoping that more laws and greater bureaucracy might bring them peace and security.

But no previous institution has brought lasting peace on earth and no law has ever delivered true goodwill toward men. The reason is that things like peace, love and goodwill are found only in our heart. Internal states of being can never be fabricated or forced into existence by external means.

Recognizing Love

Love is in us and all around us. But when we focus on fear, we obscure the reality of love and forget its presence.

In my latest podcast, I was was moved to talk about recognizing love — a love that surpasses romance and other types of specialized endearment. The story I share in the podcast came from early  childhood memories and it’s designed to inspire you to remember this type of love as well.

How do we recognize love? In preparing for this post, I was prompted to look up the definitions of the word recognize. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary shares the word’s meanings with us.

To recognize is to acknowledge formally, as in admitting to being lord or sovereign; to admit as being one entitled to be heard. To recognize is to give the floor to or to acknowledge the de facto existence or independence of someone or something.

The word recognize also speaks of acknowledging or taking notice of in some definite way.

The final dictionary meaning offers up something quite profound, especially important during this holiday season. To recognize is to perceive to be something or someone previously known.

And that’s what I hope you will do with love — recognize love as something previously known.

Recognizing Love Around You

We can continue to seek external solutions to mankind’s common problems. And to quell our fears about making ourselves feel secure, we can try pinning our hopes on others to do it for us.

Conversely, we can recognize a love that we’ve witnessed before and choose to communicate it to others through our daily lives. Love is a powerful force that, once experienced and internalized, can bring us the happiness we are all seeking.

We can carry that recognition of love with us and share it with others, not only during the holidays but throughout the coming year.

We may not be able to change mankind’s problems in one day. But by remembering and living out  the recognition of love, we can each do our part to change our world for the better.

Click here or on my podcast cover below to listen for more on Recognizing Love.

Maura Sweeney Podcast CoverAs further references to uplift you during the holidays and remind you of love, here are some further suggestions.

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Wishing readers and friends the recognition of love and the happiness of holidays that can live daily in each of our hearts.

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