Maura Sweeney Podcast 012: Are You Parked in a Comfort Zone?

Are you parked in a comfort zone or pressing life’s gas pedal and getting into a new gear? In this podcast, which also includes a video, we’ll explore the various ways comfort zones limit us and examine some benefits gained from expanding beyond the borders of our mental, social and physical patterning.

Maura Sweeney Podcast 008: Turning Dreams to Reality

Have you relegated your dreams and higher aspirations to a place called Never Never Land? If you remember the story of Peter Pan and carried a treasury of hidden dreams within you, perhaps it’s time to revisit them in this inspiring podcast and blog.

Maura Sweeney Podcast 007: What Are You Wearing?

You might believe that your wardrobe revolves solely around the dress, the fine suit or the latest purchase you made at the fashion mall. If you are truly attuned to your wardrobe, you will want to consider the finer attributes and more ethereal elements of dress. Listen in to this podcast and find out how to truly dress for your personal best.

Maura Sweeney Podcast 006: The Power of Forgiveness

All of us have found reasons to pick up an offense, a slight or sometimes even a great wound that begs for retribution and vengeance. We rarely recognize the enormous price we pay when we choose to hold on to our wounds. Listen to this powerful podcast as it speaks about the power of forgiveness!

Maura Sweeney Podcast 018: Are You Engaged?

When thinking about engagement, we often conjure up ideas about diamond rings and marriage. But there’s lots more to consider in life about engagement! Read this reflective blog, then listen in to my podcast. Be inspired and empowered to engage yourself with those things that add to — rather than detract from — your happiest and most joyful life.